Yalla Ludo Apk Download for Android 2024

Yalla Ludo Apk is a classic board game. It allows players to play ludo with your friends online or offline. It is easy to learn and use and challenging. The game contains variety of modes to play, you can play one on one or with four players.
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Yalla Ludo Apk is a classic board game developed by Aviva Sun. It allows players to play ludo with their friends online or offline. It is easy to learn and use and challenging. Firstly you have to choose your opponent and other players when you start the game. The game contains a variety of modes to play, you can play one on one or with four players.

You can customize the game by selecting different designs. The game has simple controls and a user-friendly interface. Yalla ludo is best way to enjoy time with your friends, family and other online players. No matters where you are they are sitting next to you on the other side of the world.

Additionally, Yalla Ludo Apk is a fun and entertaining way to time pass and enjoy the classic ludo game on your smartphones.

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How to Play Yalla Ludo Apk

The Gameplay of Yalla Ludo Apk is same just like other ludo board games. The game will start with board with Red, Yellow, Blue and Green colors.  Each player will be give color and will have four tokens. The objective of the game is to pass tokens from base and in the middle of the board with the same color. Roll the dice to find which player goes first.

Players can take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces around the board. The point is to pass all four tokens from the starting point to the finishing point before the opponents.

If a player has not rolled a six he turns passes to the other player. Players always pass their pieces according to the value of the dice. Players always can make strategies to pass their pieces and stop other players from reaching the goal first. However you cannot block the other players just like the original game.

Two game modes in Yalla ludo that you can play in this game first one is one vs one and four player mode. Each mode contains four gameplays. Classic, master, Quick and Magic. You can earn coins and gems and other different rewards to unlock new dice and pieces. To get diamonds you have win matches more, if you then you can buy them with real money.

Additionally, you can earn coins and gems on the games daily rewards. You can use coins and gems to spin the dice to roll better.

Features of Yalla Ludo

Yalla ludo Apk offers a variety of features for players to enjoy.

Graphics and Animations: Stunning graphics and animations that makes feels like playing on the real board. The game board, pieces, and dice are well-animated to give players an exciting experience.

Game Modes: Yalla Ludo offers variety of game modes including one vs one and four player mode. You can play solo with a computer or with friends.

Customization: Players can customize different board designs and game pieces, furthermore you can use different backgrounds and themes that can make game more interesting.

Chat Feature: Yalla Ludo offers another great feature is chat that allows players to chat with each other as well as text with each other. This is great feature who wants to socialize while playing the game.

How do you lay with other Players?

You can play Yalla Ludo with friends either online or offline. Even you can connect with your friends through Facebook by sending invitations. By playing with your friends you have do a click on the social tab on the game app and send them invitation.


Yalla Ludo is a famous mobile game app that allows players to enjoy the board game of Ludo on their devices. The game offers a variety of features that make it a fun and engaging experience for players. From graphics to animations, customization, and chat features. It’s a great way to time pass with your friends and players from all over the world.

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