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Ultra Monster is a mobile application game, in which you can capture and develop monsters to engage in fights with other players.
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March 11, 2023
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If you love monster video games, you may be aware of Ultra Monster. It’s a popular game where you may make various monsters to battle with other players. In order to assist you determine if this game is the correct one for you, we will go into detail in this post.

Ultra Monster APK v19.29.2.0-Free Download

What is Ultra Monster?

It is a mobile application game, in which you can capture and develop monsters to engage in fights with other players. While it has similarities with other monster-catching video games like Pokemon, the game also has a few unique features.

Gameplay Overview

Ultra-Monster gameplay has a number of modes and features.

Story Mode

In story mode, players will play the game’s primary story, which consists of a series of tasks and fights. Your character encounters a variety of monsters on your journeys, and in order to move further, you must do a number of tasks for them.

Multiplayer Mode

You can engage in online fights with other players in this mode. You have the option of participating in fights with random players or with other players by sharing friend codes.

Event Mode

You may take part in unique challenges and events in Event Mode that give amazing rewards and prizes. Since most of these events have time limitations, make sure to check back again to see what’s available.

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Monsters Capture and Training in Ultra Monster

The main goal of Ultra Monsters is to train and capture monsters. This is how it goes:

Capturing Monsters

You must come across a monster in the wild and use a captured item (such as a net or trap) to catch it in order to capture it. Each monster has a different rate of capture, thus some could be hard to catch than others.

Training Monsters

Once a monster is in your control, you may train it by fighting other monsters. Your monster will therefore get experience points (XP), level up, and become stronger as time passes.

To improve your monster’s stats and skills, you can feed it different abilities.

Battling Other Players

In Ultra Monsters, players may engage in an online fight in multiplayer mode.

Battle Rules

Similar to other RPGs, this game battles work on a turn-based basis. Each player selects a monster and decides on a move in turn. The fight is won by the first player to eliminate every monster owned by the opposing player.

Team Building

You must choose a squad of monsters to utilize before a battle. You should pick monsters that balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Items and Currency in the Game

You may advance through the game by using the numerous in-game items and money that are available in Ultra Monster. Some examples are:


The main form of payment in this application is coins. By completing tasks, taking part in player conflict, and selling undesired items, you can earn money.


The premium money in the game is gems. Gems may be used to buy upgrades, uncommon items, and monsters. In addition to being able to buy them with real money, gems may also be obtained by completing specific objectives.


Your monsters may be healed with potions, and you can use capture items to assist you trap wild monsters, among other items available in the game. Items may be acquired by completing quests or by buying them in the game’s shop.

Tips & Strategies for Ultra Monster APK Android

Here are some tips and strategies to get you started with the game if you’re new to it:

Concentrate on Leveling Up to advance in the game, you must level up your monsters. To boost your monsters’ stats, make sure to engage in regular fights and feed those items.

To offer you additional options in combat, aim to capture a range of monster varieties rather than only the toughest ones.

Make sure to periodically check in to see what’s available since events in the game can provide unique awards and prizes.

Is Ultra Monster Safe to Play?

Yes, the game is secure to play, it’s still important to get it from a trusted app store to avoid any possible malware or viruses.

Alternatives for Ultra Monster

Here are some options to check out if you’re looking for games like this:

  • Monster Legends
  • Dragon City
  • Pokemon Go

How to Download and Install Ultra Monster APK Latest Version

The steps below must be completed in order to download and install the game:

  • Go to your device’s app store (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store).
  • To find the official app, type “Ultra Monster ” into the search bar.
  • Before clicking the “Install” button, let the game download and install.
  • After installation, launch the game to start playing.

Final Thoughts

This game is the ideal option for you if you enjoy playing games with lots of action. In order to protect human beings, you must fight terrifying monsters in this game’s amazing journey. You’re ready to start your quest now that you have your hero, deadly weapons, and a group of friends.

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