Hills of Steel APK: The Ultimate Tank Battle Game 2024


Hills of Steel is a popular mobile action game that offers players the chance to lead their own tanks into battle against other players. The game's enticing gameplay, easy to understand mechanics, and expansive customization options have made it a fan supporter.  
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Feb 3, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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Hills of Steel is a popular mobile action game that offers players the chance to lead their tanks into battle against other players. The game’s enticing gameplay, easy-to-understand mechanics, and expansive customization options have made it a fan supporter.  


Hills of steel game

How to Play Hills of Steel? 

The game is a physics-grounded game that requires players to navigate their tanks through different terrains while engaging in combat with other tanks. The game can be controlled using a virtual joystick and buttons, which enable players to move their tanks, aim their cannons, and then fire their weapons.  

Hills of Steel Tips and Tricks

 • Practice  

Spend time learning the game’s controls and drugs to become a skilled player.

• Stay on the Move

 Keep your tank in motion to dodge enemy fire and then increase your chances of landing shots. 

• Aim Weak Spots

Certain parts of enemy tanks are more vulnerable than others, so aim with perfection to induce maximum damage.  

Use Cover to Advantage

The game destructible environment that can be utilized for cover or to catch enemy tanks off guard. 

• Customize Tank

 You can customize different tanks, weapons, and then upgrades to determine the optimal setup for your style of play. 

Features of Hills of Steel  

Unlocking New Tanks

Players can acquire new tanks by earning coins or gems through gameplay or by purchasing them with real money. Each tank has its unique strengths and weaknesses, making it essential to experiment with different tanks to find the ones that fit your playstyle.  

Upgrading Tanks

Players can upgrade their tanks by purchasing colorful upgrades, such as enhanced engines, weapons, and armor, using coins and gems. Upgrading tanks is essential for success in the game, as it can increase tank speed, continuity, and power.  

Leveling Up

Players can level up in this game by earning experience points through gameplay. Leveling up unlocks new tanks and upgrades while increasing the player’s overall health and damage output. To level up snappily, concentrate on completing missions and achieving high scores in battles.

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Hills of Steel Strategies  

• Stylish Tank Combinations

The key to succeeding in this game is discovering the right tank combination that fits your playstyle. Some tanks are more suitable for aggressive play, while others are better for protective or support places. While with different tank combinations find the ones that work best for you. 

 • Offensive Strategies

In this game, being aggressive and taking the fight to your enemies is essential for success. Use your tank’s strengths to your advantage and focus on taking out enemies’ tanks. Task risks, but also be ready to retreat if necessary. 

 • Defensive Strategies

 Defensive play is also critical in this game, particularly when facing more powerful opponents. Use cover to your advantage and try to lure adversaries into chokepoints where you can ambush them. Don’t hesitate to retreat and then regroup if outnumbered or excelled.

Hills of Steel 2 Vs 2

It’s a multiplayer mode in which two teams of two players each other against each other in tanks. The mode aims to destroy the other teams’ tanks while guarding your own.  You can choose different tanks with different kinds and strengths and customize those tanks with different weapons and upgrades. The mode is challenging and requires both strategy and skills. Lastly, you can play with your friends or other players online, and is a great way to test your tank battling capacities.


Hills of Steel is a thrilling mobile game that combines strategy and action in a unique and addicting way. By learning the game’s mechanics, upgrading your tanks, and exercising the right strategies, furthermore, you can become a top player and dominate the competition. Download the game today and begin your tank-battling adventure.

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