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Friday Night Funkin' is a musical rhythm game that was developed by ninja Mania. In this game the boyfriend win the hearts of girlfriend by competing against various characters in musical battles.
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Friday Night Funkin Apk is a rhythmic game in which players control a character Boyfriend and he tries to impress his girlfriend’s strict dad through a series of weekly dance battles. The boyfriend defeats a serious of opponents in order to continue dating. The main objective of this game is to receive a kiss from girlfriend with his dad’s permission. To complete this you must outclass him in a sing-off. Players have to press the right arrow key at the right time. In the beginning it is quite simple until you get to the harder levels.

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About Friday night funkin APK

Friday night Funkin was developed by a team of Newground developers. FNF is available both on laptops, and smartphones. to play this game you must have a screen, keyboard, and speaker. Music plays when arrows reach the line with which you have to match the key.

When you start the level you will see your character on the left side of the screen and your rival on the right side of the screen. You have to follow the prompts at the base of the screen to smack the corresponding arrow key on keyboard with music in time and if you hit successfully the arrow key at the correct time your character will perform a dance move and if you miss then you will stumble. furthermore, you have to fill up the funk meter before the end of the song. if you win the dance battle you will go to next level and if you lose then you can try again.

Friday Night Funkin Gameplay

In Friday Night Funkin, the player trying to impress their girlfriend’s father. The main goal is for the character to kiss before the night is over. To do this, the player must impress the father by playing music and pressing the button at the right time. The game displays prompts to indicate when and which button to press. Timing and accuracy are crucial for scoring points.

The dots at the top of the screen display a green color if the player is successful, or red if they fail. The player will also face off against other musicians such as Pico, Monster, Skid, and Pump, but the gameplay remains the same. The game, Friday Night Funkin, offers a nostalgic and fun experience with its retro-style graphics and music.

The Game contains attractive graphics and is known for its simple and addictive game mechanics that are easy to control. For players who may need assistance, tutorials are available, and two modes of play: a free mode with infinite tries and a story mode that progresses as the player defeats opponents.

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Fun Features of Friday Night Funkin Apk

  • Music: A variety of songs to dance and new songs being added frequently. With better graphics and animations you will find incredible music.
  • Simple Controls: on the screen there is virtual key arrow which you can quickly press. The ability to customize the look of boyfriend and girlfriend with several outfits and others.
  • Light Gameplay: There is no intense fighting or battles the players will experience very light and smooth gameplay.
  • Several Rivals and Songs: In this game, you will not battle only your father but also you will get battle other excellent vocalists you will sing different variations of songs with different rhythms.

Additional Information

Installing this app means the app requires the activation of the unknown sources option within the settings.


Friday night funkin is a musical game that is popular not only as a result of Gameplay but also as a result of open-source code. After playing all the levels and defeating all the enemies the player will become the ultimate winner of the game. The player becomes the mastered of all funky and dance moves. Moreover, the players can enjoy the game with reliance and knowing that have the skills to take the challenge that comes their way. The main character will a good person who wants to start dating his girlfriend.

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